It's was Saturday morning and I was bored, so I decided to turn an empty tic-tac box I had in my room into a mini-lava lamp!  (Ya, I do love making lava lamps!)  I could watch this all day.  It is so relaxing.   Enjoy the show!

You can find detailed instructions for making lava lamps on my early post here.  The main thing to remember is 3/4 oil to 1/4 water in whatever container you use.  You can add any color food coloring you want.  Use varying amounts of alka seltzer tablets to see what happens.  Since this is a small container, you will want to use pieces of a tablet.   If you use a whole tablet, it will likely overflow.  But that's fun to watch too!  Just make sure you prepare for the mess ahead of time by putting your container on a towel first.

How to Make a Mini-Lava Lamp
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